Something that has been overlooked in the blog world and on this blog is WATER. Something so simple, yet so beneficial.

On almost every post I include a food picture. On every few posts I discuss fitness. Every now and then I show the crafts I’ve been working on. What I drink, however, isn’t documented or discussed as much as it should be. I drink coffee probably 3 times a week, but water is the main man around here.

For me, water has helped keep my body lean, my skin clear, my organs hydrated, replenished my fatigued muscles when working out and many other things. Nothing is quite better than having a cold glass of water when first waking up (which I do every single morning), especially after a fun night out.

 I try to get at least one liter per day. My trick is filling up a 1 liter bottle every night before I go to bed and having it with breakfast and taking it along with me throughout the day. When I am out to eat, I always order water and drink it with a straw which somehow causes me to drink like a fish. Waitresses probably hate me.

Next time you decide to take a water pill, diet pill, or any other absurd toxin to “look good”, just remember a healthy diet, exercise, and WATER is much cheaper(in the long run) and beneficial than any caplet of damage could ever be.

Water. My diet pill. 100% guarantee.


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