When I decided to continue making wreaths and other decor past Christmas, I knew I wanted a name to associate with all of my crafts, designs, and decor.

Thanks to technological advances of the ole’ faithful iPhone, typing “Hello” now autocorrects into “Luella.” Or atleast that’s what my Mama’s did one day in effort to get my attention via text. After I read Luella- a light bulb blinked and I grinned big- and I came home that day to tell her I HAD A NAME! (and was so thankful I took a while to respond to her previous text, or Luella would’ve never been born.)


Ever since I was way young, people have called me Mindy-Lu, Minlu, or just Lu. I like that “Lu” is associated with my name without being my actual name- because Mindy Designs just doesn’t sound as cool as Luella. I thought about for like .36 seconds to use Luanna instead, because my middle name is Leanna, but I just kept going back to Luella… and so it was born!!

To manage my creations better and to offer easier access to potential customers, I have created a Facebook page where I post as I make.

This “hobby” is going to be more of a weekend activity for me as I have a full loaded school schedule and a post-grad level (yet I am still undergrad) job at GSU. My hope is that I prioritize my time better in 2015 so that I may still enjoy the craft. That’s really why I started- because I just simply enjoy doing it!


I appreciate the feedback and support I have received from others and I hope whoever receives my creations will appreciate the thoughts and ideas that go behind each piece. I stand firm in that each design is a unique piece and to provide limited supplies to keep that special touch.

Our society is so accustomed to consuming, that we forget the production that goes behind everyday objects we handle and see. Thankfully, my curiosity expands each day and I always wonder or research who did what, where, and why. Or maybe that’s just nosey?!?!? Ha! I hope to produce an individual, unique piece that makes an onlooker stop from their busy schedule and thoughts and recognize the beauty of a few simple vines, pieces of greenery, and nature-like decor combined to create a piece.


My promise is to keep the materials and supplies as handmade as possible, whether that is creating on my own or using natural resources that I find in areas near me. For some wreaths and other decor, I use artificial greenery so that the decoration will have longevity. Trust me, all-natural is my favorite, it is just not rational in some cases!

With each design, I hope to include a personalized Luella Designs tag with the materials listed and I’d like to include a handwritten note from me, because it is really coming from the heart.


Some may think I am dreaming big with a little ole’ wreath business, but in addition to creating individual pieces, I’d like to expand that into designing my pieces with coordinating designs in other sizes, colors, or shapes. For example, you would purchase a “door package” that would consist of a 22″ inch wreath with bow and initial for your front door, an 18″ inch wreath with same bow in different design, and possibly an arrangement for your mantle or favorite piece of furniture.

Along with the customized package, I’d like to have a DIY wreath class around the Summer or Fall. I would provide the materials and instructions, and each participant would go home with a wreath they created by hand!


Sometimes, I have to take a deep breath and remember to start slow and so I am being patient, stem by stem, bow loop by bow loop, and making sure I am making the best decisions so that I may offer a comparable product at a reasonable price. It’s so very important that I enjoy the process!

I hope you like what you see and will continue to see & that you may join my journey at Luella Designs. Spread the word!


Luella Designs


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