IMG_5651 IMG_5398
Snack plate for lunch & sunflowers and mini cupcakes (not for lunch, ha!!)

IMG_5648 IMG_5666
loving plaid for the Fall

IMG_5533 IMG_5518
Saturday brunching with mimosas & from-scratch honey jalapeño margarita


Sunday: Abs

Monday: One hour Hip Hop class

Tuesday: 5 rounds of:
20 kettlebell swings @ 35#
10 alternating pistols (one-legged squats)
10 burpees

Good little burner that took about ~10 minutes before I taught boot camp!

Hope you all are eating good, sweating good, and FEELING good!

Ending it with this: A Journey Begins With A Single..

Hello. Job application. Gym membership. Plane ticket.

What chances are you going to take to begin your anticipated journey? Do it now.

Xoxo, Mindy


On Breaking the Rules

Today’s three topics: Grub, Sweat, & All White Everything!

Probably about a year ago you wouldn’t catch me eating a burger with a bun (but definitely an extra patty because more protein and no bread= better body?? Right? NO!) or “cutting back on fruit” because CARBS, SUGAR, Oh MY and all of that nonsense. Well, here is my take on it.

Every body (like physical body) and everybody is absolutely different…. and digests, metabolizes, and carries muscle/fat completely different. So my advice to you: focus on what you CAN eat (Yes, I can have a cookie and maintain), learn and experiment with what YOUR body can properly manage for a healthy mind, body, and heart, and last but not least, EAT THE FREAKIN’ BUN!


I seem to notice a few common sayings when it comes to being health-conscious or wanting to make small changes for a healthier diet: “I wish I could eat that” – “It’s too late to eat “that”” – “I CAN eat that.. it’s my cheat day” – “Isn’t it bad to eat (enter wholesome food here)” Focusing on the cant’s and the cringeworthy phrase: “cheat day” will not build you stronger muscles, will not help you lose fat, and will not make you feel healthy.

You DON’T have to cheat, You DON’T have to feel guilty for eating fruit, you CAN eat the bun as much as you want, you CAN have a treat every night. I know this because I have had a much more open approach to my diet and I feel better, eat intuitively (eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full), and my body has adapted. With a flexible diet and feeling in control to what I put into my body, I am conscious as to the portions and quantities of each food that I am consuming. Take the burger picture for example, instead of the average tasting fries, I ordered a delicious side salad with red onions, candied pecans, green apple, and feta cheese!


Along with an open approach diet, it is very important that we stay on top of being active. I’m not talking about 5-6 days a week exercise regimen. If you like to walk a trail for 30 minutes-1 hour: GREAT! If you like to deadlift 200 lbs. frequently: AWESOME! If you’re like me and consider 3-4x/week going in the gym and doing what feels good that day: WHOOP! Make it simple: get in the gym, break a good sweat, hydrate yourself, and feel good!!

Fitness is such a broad, complex, confusing, fun, controversial, beneficial topic that means something different for every body and everybody 🙂 I, however, feel that lately I am much more open to what I do each day and it just dang feels good. My goal in the gym: Leave the gym sweating!


Last week’s workouts:

Sprint every track curve, cool down on the straightaway Total distance: 1.0 miles
4 x 15 walking lunges with 15 lb. dumbbell (bicep curl as you lunge)
3 x 10 back squat @ 135#
4 x 15 overhead kettlebell swing @ 35#

One Hour Hip Hop Jam class

3 x 10 front squat @ 125#
10 rounds:
15 overhead kettlebell swing @ 35#
10 double unders
5 man makers with 15# dumbbell (Google Man Makers)

Abs + Push ups + Burpees

Last but not least, ALL WHITE EVERYTHING! So of course, since it is after Labor Day I’ve been wearing white like crazy. That “rule” is so gone in my book and now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever abided by it. HA! I love wearing white ON white. I guess it replaces my obsession with wearing denim ON denim last year. I do like to break it up with a belt ( my most favorite and worn out cheetah print belt, mostly. )

My most recent white on white wear is this white and navy ombre top, a mustard skinny belt, and white denim!


My second white on white wear is this white v-neck cotton tee, cheetah belt, white denim roll-up shorts, and a casual flannel that was coincidentally around my waist because it was SO HOT at the fair!


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Have a great day and go break some rules!!

XOxo, Mindy