wintertime madness (not summertime sadness)

Yo yo yo.. Halfway there folks. I’m personally anticipating the weekend because that means Fall Break and one week FREE. Hallelujah.. no school, no work (even though I will miss teaching!!!), and TURKEY TIME!

I’ve been pinning it up lately and have a few projects I want to complete over the break. Mostly for my room but a few for the holidays, too!! Follow me on Pinterest if you want! Button under my picture ——>


Last night after teaching boot camp, I did two quick metabolic conditioning workouts. In almost all of my workouts, I focus on getting my heart rate up with minimal rest and using added resistance, like dumbells, kettlebell, or a barbell.

Here’s last night workout:


15 Double Unders, unbroken
10 Kettlebell swings, 35#
10 alternating one-legged deadlift with kettlebell, 35#
Rest 60-90 sec. then,

Power clean + hang clean skillwork, very light


10 barbell squat cleans, 65#
5 burpee-over-bar
Rest 60 sec.

Image 2

Yummo! This was dinner one day in the last week or two. Sirlion steak marinated in Italian dressing and Dale’s, steamed broccoli, roasted sweet potato rounds, Whole Foods Savannah portabello pasta salad (to die for!), mixed salad, red wine (for health, you know ;-))


Outfit I wore last weekend. Loving this JACK suede + fur vest, it is so comfortable! Underneath is one of my favorite leopard print J. Crew tops and LOFT red suede skinnies!


Love the use of brown craft paper, red gingham ribbon, and natural greenery for gift wrap!

Image 1

Gorgeous space I found on Instagram! I’m really loving the neutral, plaid-ness, naturistic (ok so not a word) theme for the Fall + Winter season.


Food for thought!

XO Mindy


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