Mindy’s FFF

If you ask me my favorite letter of the alphabet, my life would tell you “F”. It seems that everything I do, and enjoy doing, revolves around 3 F’s. Fitness, food, and fashion (and I use that term loosely- will discuss in a few!)

I started this blog in 2011 when I was living in Atlanta and had enough down time to cook and try any and all kinds of foods. At the time, I was also reading tons of cooking and fitness blogs and I really enjoyed sharing my meals! When I moved to Statesboro to attend Georgia Southern, I became involved with other activities such as coaching Crossfit and teaching group fitness classes, that it was hard for me to continue with blog posts and documenting my food. Thankfully, the popularity of Instagram has allowed me to easily and quickly document my food (whether followers care or not) without typing it into a blog post.


Since teaching fitness classes, I had a lot of people, whether it be patrons of my classes or friends, ask and wonder if I had any workouts they could do on their own or at home. The idea of me sharing it on my blog popped back up, so if you scroll through past and most current blog post, you see I sporadically added a few workouts (that are all fairly short, but effective and use minimal equipment!) I enjoy programming full body conditioning workouts that are no-fuss and get the job done! I believe workouts should stick to the basics- forms of cardio endurance, strength training, and bodyweight movements! Get in there and break a good sweat and you’re good to go 🙂


Staying involved over this past summer with my school’s recreation department and briefly interning with a grass-fed beef company in Brooklet, GA allowed me to visit local farmer’s markets in Statesboro and Savannah and I developed an even more strong sense of appreciation for local vendors and small town communities. The majority of my generation doesn’t acquire a sense of appreciation like our elders because our lifestyles, including myself, have caused us to reach for the quickest and most convenient source of nutrition- fast food, gas station snacks, etc. By being surrounded by farmers and ambassadors for our community, I get deeply motivated to stay involved and do whatever I can to promote the importance of eating, moving, and shopping local!


With all that being said, you may wonder what’s the point? The bottom line or the conclusion? Well, I am one who enjoys a variety of things and especially if it involves communicating with other people or connecting with others through a platform- which should be clear being that I am so passionate about food and fitness. Most recently, I have added a new title to my repertoire (haha, don’t take me too serious.) I am the online sales rep for the cutest women’s boutique in Dublin, GA- my born and raised hometown! The Mint Boutique is relocating and reopening on October 18th and has an active website: www.shopthemintboutique.com. The owner, Kelly, is very adamant on providing the highest quality clothes at affordable prices for all girls and women- there is seriously something for everyone there. As a part of my job, I am the social media rep on Instagram providing insight on new arrivals, discounts, outfit ideas (#OOTD), and showing off Mint’s customers. I’m very excited about this and if you would like to check it out, the website or my Instagram page, please DO! You will receive 15% off for using my promo code: ‘shopmintrep’
Instagram handle: @shopmintrep


Basically, I wrote all of this to update on what I’ve been up to, but also announce that I am hoping to do a weekly blog post that will combine the 3 F’s! I am not the CLEANEST eater of all, the MOST ACTIVE fitness instructor, or the BEST at being fashionable. What I am, though, is a normal person just like you hoping to be healthy and happy forever and looking good while doing it 🙂 I hope you can find that here- a perfect balance of good eating (yes, I just ate a fun size Snickers bar)- fun and sweaty workouts – and lovely outfit ideas for ALL the ladies!

Happy eating, sweating, and shopping ya’ll!
XO Mindy