The beginning of the week always makes me feel like I need an exhausting workout to make me feel better. I know it’s the drag from the busy weekend and getting back into the swing of things and one leave-you-laying-in-your-pool-of-sweat workout I did last week was just that! It is a metabolic conditioning (Cardio) combined with a fast-pace, lighter-weight Olympic lift that leaves you exhausted! Happy Beginning of the Week to you!

Image 2

Complete 12-9-6-3 reps of each movement:

Burpee 20″ inch box jump
95# squat clean (I did 73#)

You start with a 20 inch box and do a burpee on one side, plus a jump on top of the box, and another burpee on the other side. Complete that for 12 reps then move on to your squat cleans. After 12 jumps and cleans, move to 9 reps of each and so on….

Took around 9:30 minutes and I continued with

5 bosu burpee + bosu overhead press
5 overhead kettlebell swings @ 35#
5 bosu burpee press
10 OH Kb swing
5 bosu burpee press
15 OH Kb swing
5 bosu burpee press
20 OH Kb swing


Fun stuff! Mondays are my hip hop days so after I finish teaching Interval Training for an hour and a 30 minute abs class, I join my co-worker for a hip hop class… I love it! #whitegirlgotmoves

Recent eats lately have been all over the place. For some reason, I haven’t been eating a big breakfast like I used too. Sometimes it may be a yogurt, or a banana, or a yogurt with a banana, or a blueberry muffin the size of my face from the local coffee shop, or sometimes a huge breakfast like an omelet or bacon. Whatever, just going with it… feeling good.

Image 1

It’s definitely chili weather though and I can’t WAIT to make some chili this week. Will add a recipe soon!

I’ve been having fun styling some clothes from Mint Boutique and styling a few of my own. I love details! 🙂

Image 3 Image 4

Also, I am constantly changing my room and have just added some new pillows to my collection. A little sparkle, steer print, and suede!

Image 5

Have a great week and be good to yourself!

XO Mindy


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