Like the Rest of the World

Or better yet- the female population, I am a Pinterest addict. Not only do I pin the mess out of crafts, recipes, color schemes, furniture, and many other things- I try to apply the ideas to my own apartment and life. I almost always post my projects on Facebook and while some may roll their eyes when reading “Mindy Lord just posted a photo.” almost on a daily basis, it seems as if others are interested. The following crafts aren’t the only Pinterest projects I have done; Click here to see other ones.

Proof of my ADD

While pinning is fun, finding all ingredients or materials for a Pinterest recipe or project can be expensive. The one thing I was looking forward to over Christmas break was digging into my mama’s pantry stash and craft closet :). I still had to purchase various materials from different craft stores, but thankfully they had holiday sales going on. The stores I purchased materials were: Gifts Galore in Dublin, Ga., Office Max in Dublin, Ga., Hobby Lobby in Warner Robins, Ga. and Michael’s in Warner Robins, Ga.

Holly covered initial

Holly covered initial: Original found here.

  • Wooden letter: Hobby Lobby
  • Holly branches: Hobby Lobby
  • Gold(R) and satin gold ribbon(L): Hobby Lobby

Painted wooden letter red. Used several branches of holly, broke them off branch and hot glued the individual pieces to the letter. Created a bow (my first one, right-hand side), and made a long loop to serve as a holder for the “S”, attached leftover holly on top of the loop. Hung on a door or wall. Given to my Mema.

The “M” was done the same way. The loop in the bow was evenly cut and glued to the back of the peaks in the “M”. Given to my mama’s co-worker. Note: The bow was re-done after the picture by my grandma 😉 Ha!  


Jewelry frame: Original found here and here.

  • Frame: IKEA (originally a mirror)
  • Cork sheet roll: Office Max
  • Wooden letter: Hobby Lobby
  • Plastic hooks: Office Max

Removed the mirror, placed it on a cork sheet and traced the outline with a pen to fit the frame. Cut the outline with scissors and placed securely inside frame. Spray-painted letter and plastic hooks, let dry overnight. Glued the “B” with hot glue and inserted hooks with the straight pins already attached to the back.

Created by my brother and me. Given to my brother’s girlfriend.

Simple paper bags with stencil:

  • Regular-sized paper bags: Gifts galore
  • Paper lunch bags(‘ruff’ bag): My mom’s pantry
  • Tissue paper: Gifts galore
  • Netted ribbon: Hobby Lobby

Practiced using the stencil sheet on scraps piece of paper.Laid the bags on a flat surface and stenciled the appropriate name on each bag. For the ‘ruff’ bag, I punched two holes using a hole-punch and strung the netted ribbon through them to create a bow. These were for my boy’s family.

Love Map: Original found here.

  • Frame: Micheal’s
  • Maps: Google Maps
  • Marker stickers: Hobby Lobby
  • Stencil sheet: Hobby Lobby

Found appropriate maps and measured them to fit inside frame. Removed the picture mat and carefully stenciled words with a pencil under each frame (necessary to pencil so the words will be aligned). Then stenciled with paint and let dry. Put marker stickers on the appropriate city. They read 1. good 2. times 3. together. Taped maps to frames and placed the mat into the picture frame. Given to my boy.


Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait

  • 2 spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt <- protein, low-fat dairy
  • 2 spoonfuls of low-fat cottage cheese <- protein, low-fat dairy
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango <- fruit serving, natural sugar
  • 4 or 5 almonds, chopped <- healthy fats
  • A splash of honey
  • Added after picture: a teaspoon of crunchy SunButter <- healthy fats

I ate this with a non-photogenic Cinnamon Raisin bagel thin. A wedge of swiss Laughing Cow spread and a spoonful of blackberry jam was spread on each slice.


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