A few pieces of 2012……

11 days later and I decide to say farewell to 2012 and bring in 2013. 

If by eating good, Crossfitting, and spending hours and hours watching videos (more than likely of a workout or a cooking lesson) is starting off the year right… then I’m doing prettay good. Note: I’m just telling you what I’ve been up to over Christmas break. Starting next week, life will be different. UGH spring semester 

I’m not really a resolution setter but I’ve had a few words that reflect what I want to do/be/accomplish this year.

Hydrate. Simplify. Focus.

I’m thirsty for lots of things… better grades, good performances in Crossfit, a kind heart, patience, appreciation… the list goes on. It never hurts to drink more water, either.

I want to pay close attention to the small and big things and simplify my life. Might not make sense to you, but somewhere in this tiny brain I can understand it. Oh and just because I don’t have the newest shoes or coolest watch, I will still be me. Simplify.

Focus on God, others, my grades, my workouts. Sometimes it’s easier for me to worry about a few things and brush off or forget about the rest. I hope to find a good balance where I will stay mentally driven in all aspects.

2013, Let’s do this. 

Let ya soul shine!! 



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