life lately.

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It’s been a whillleeee since I’ve thought about my blog but I’ve kept busy with school, Crossfit and well, just life 🙂 

Here’s what’s been going on in this lil’ corner of mine:


cinnamon-apple pork chops with garlic butter asparagus

Imagei ate leftover turkey for an entire week last week… this was a salad of spring mix, baked turkey, pears, red onions, and goat cheese. sweetest taters on the side!



roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato, smoked sausage, and sweet mustard.. easy, healthy, and sooo deliciousImage

…pumpkin pancake topped with a fried egg and BACONImage

salad bars are real fun until you get to the cash register…. and especially after the cashier makes a comment about your hugh jass saladImage

… I baked a pumpkin-pie layered toffee cheescake for Turkey Day


…. my treat to myself after my Crossfit certification!! I’m in love with all things Lululemon!!


…. Crossfit PR’s (although I’ve already improved a couple)


Besides eating and sweating (my two favorite things), I have been schooling it up and I am so excited to know that finals will be OVER next week and helloooo Christmas break. 


 I had a video to share, but apparently I’m technologically challenged and only know how to upload (read: overshare my bizz nass) on Facebook and nowhere else. Oh well.

What have YOU been up to, friend?


4 thoughts on “life lately.

  1. First of all, your food ROCKS. Second. You are a CrossFit BEAST! Your numbers are incredible! I’m aiming for 200+ back squat and deadlift by the spring. xo!!

  2. Hey, do you have an “about ” page or any pics of you? Would love to ask about food and fitness questions. I don’t mean to be “creepy” ha, but find it easier to relate if see the person I’d like to ask advice from. Thanks 🙂

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