these are my confessions….

1.) I haven’t been around these parts in quite some time. I’ve still been reading blogs like crazy….. you know, when I have an assignment due in 30 minutes but I just HAVE to read about what she ate and she worked out that day. I’m a lunatic.Blogs > academics. Kidding…. kinda.


2.) I’m so ridiculous excited for Fall. I wish I could get by with wearing boots everyday. And I wish I had the picture of me when I was 5 wearing an obnoxiously big bow, a cute handmade dress, and BOOTS. Brogans to be exact.. I was a cutie. My mom said the only thing I wanted to wear when I was younger was my baby-bop outfit and boots. Hot stuff Winking smile

grilled steak, baked okra, red potatoes

3.) I’m currently taking Chemistry  and Anatomy along with each of their labs. I’m not saying this to have a pity party but really all it makes me want to do is eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies and drink too much wine.

coffee words

4.) Last post I told you all I wasn’t able to do Crossfit in Statesboro but I pulled through and I have been a member for 3 weeks. I feel like I get stronger each class… even though I am nowhere where I’d like to be. Never satisfied Smile

crossfit hands.. yum!

5.) One thing I will never understand: why the microwave has been beeping for the last 20 minutes… maybe I should get up off the couch and do something about it.

(supa) broiled open-faced tuna melt, 2% cottage cheese, apple.

6.) My roomates asked me why I haven’t shared any pictures of the meals we’ve been cooking together. It’s not because they aren’t healthy meals but mostly I am so ridiculous hungry that the last thing on my mind is taking a pretty picture. Which reminds me, I am having a phone dilemma currently. How in the heck people live without cell phones will never know.

the last of the summer garden bounty from my Mema

laters, Mindy

p.s. healthy meals and pretty pictures soon. hold tight cowboys and girls! ❤

p.p.s. the tree seems like a pretty wise guy!



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