Recent eats {and a lot of unpictured treats}

Holy guacamole! I’m not sure if it’s because of the very hot summer we have had or just because I loooovveee Mexican but I have been eating it at least three times a week. Out at a restaurant or making it at home.


I visited St. Simons Island last weekend and stopped at a Mexican/Southwestern restaurant and ordered the best salmon and goat cheese quesadilla! Mexican at the beach? I know, but at least it had seafood in it. I really wanted to try the pineapple and shrimp tacos and told myself that I would need to re-create them at home. Oh and the restaurant was Bubba Garcia’s. Go there.

Jessica from How Sweet It Is answered my mexican prayers and posted a recipe for pineapple and grilled chicken quesadillas with spicy strawberry salsa! I tried them out last night and they did not disappoint. If you feel like gettin’ fancy with your mexi, try this recipe. All of the ingredients were a little under $13 and I already had the chicken, so it made for a surprisingly inexpensive but flavor-bursting meal for two.


Other recent eats:


Steak taco carne asado from a mex rastaurant in my hometown. Topped with lime and salsa, mmmmm.


Toppings for grilled turkey burgers with my roomate. I put mine on top of a salad.


BLT salad! with dill pickles and a simple dressing of honey + yellow mustard and a splash of apple cider vinegar.


Barbecue from a hometown bbq joint. Whole-wheat buns and Alexia chipotle sweet potato fries. Slighty healthier, right? 🙂


A runny egg yolk and bacon with roasted kale chips. Please try roasted kale: torn kale leaves, S+P, olive oil at 400F for 8-10 mins. Rainier cherries for dessert!


pork chops, steamable sweet potato, crispy kale chips!

I’m not a snack bar person, but this was awesome! I found it at a Starbuck’s and looked for the packs at Wal-Mart and Target but can’t find this specific flavor. Any of you reading, if you see this flavor in stores pleeaaasseee let  me know. I mean, I even dreamed about these things. Ha

In other news:

I transferred schools. Lots of familiar faces, closer to home, nutrition program, well-known roomates . All good things! I did some crafty things for my new room and I hope to write a post about it soon, with pictures! I ❤ decorating.

I stopped Crossfit, for now. I was Crossfitting in my hometown while I was home for the summer but since my move last week , I stopped going and I hope to start back once I get a J-O-B. I have visited the one where I am schooling at once before and I would really love to do it for the month of August but reality set in and it just. aint. happenin. I feel like I lost a loved one and I sure do miss Crossfit DGA!

Of possible interest:

Healthy Zucchini Brownies

A Thank You to Crossfit

Find Your Greatness Olympics commercial  (in case you live under a rock)

OH, and do this! I did and it was a sweeeaaatttyyy one. Whew.

Adios amigos!

xo, Mindy


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