I’ve always heard “bad runs make you appreciate your good ones”, but for me a bad WOD made me appreciate my good ones.. and much, much more.

This morning in Crossfit, our movement/strength was Bench Press(5 @ 80%, 3 @ 85%,1 @ 90%, AMRAP @ 95%) and 5×5 “weighted” pull-ups. Bench press went fine and then came the dreaded pull-ups. After my first few attempts, I got so frustrated that I couldn’t pull my 145-lb. self up and get my chin over that bar! I realize pull-ups take TIME, PATIENCE, and STRENGTH but I wanted so bad to JUST. PULL. UP. Call me crazy- but I was fighting back tears the rest of the exercise and workout.

When I explained the issue with my mom, she couldn’t understand just why I was so frustrated and angry. Honestly, there’s no way to explain the feeling that you get when you Crossfit and succeed or fail. Everytime someone asks me about Crossfit, I always think about the back of my coach’s shirt- “HARDER. FASTER. BETTER. STRONGER”

Every day I walk in to our box, I want to push harder.. go faster.. be better.. and get stronger. Crossfit is a challenge and I am challenged everyday I show up. Today was very challenging for me: Pull-Ups and Double Unders. Today made me appreciate many things I take for granted and I never take the time to show my appreciation so here goes:

Thanks to my mom for…. listening to all of my moaning and groaning! watching all of the exercises in the middle of our living room floor when I am proud of something! and for buying me “weird food!” Oh, and for dealing with my stinky Crossfit clothes!

Thanks to Eric.. for leading a great group of athletes!!!! bringing positivity to our box everyday! showing never-ending care! and making us harder. faster. better. stronger.

Thanks Daddy for the Crossfit money! 😉

Thanks body for dealing with the crap.. but good crap!!.. I put you through. Jumping! Running! Lifting! Throwing! Moving!

Thanks fellow Cross-fitters for helping me push that bar up just one more time, even when I silently think there is no way in hell I can. Your encouragement does it for me!

Thanks Mema for not understanding… but understanding I love all workout clothes and when I show up at your house at 7:30AM asking for you to buy me more, you never hesitate!

Oh.. and thanks pull-ups for making me so frustrated because I used that negative energy and did my first Double-Unders today! 

Did I mention I ❤ Crossfit?



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