Summer Bucket List.

How’s everybody doinnnnn?!?! My summer has been rather chill.. though I have done/seen some exciting things!

I have seen “bucket lists” around Pinterest and on a few blogs, so I thought I would come up  with one of my own in my never-ending free time. Hey, no complaints.

1.) Go Kayaking.

Seth and I went kayaking on Tuesday. We actually got caught in a storm (we originally thought we could beat it by a few hours) and had to pull out of the water for about 45 minutes. It was definitely an adventure and I can’t wait to go back. We agreed to go when there is a 0% chance. 

2.) Paint at least one piece of furniture.

I have been pinning all kinds of awesome painted furniture on Pinterest and I hope to get my hands on a fun piece and add a pop-o-color to it!

3.) Eat at Heirloom Market BBQ one  last time.

I went last week! It was awesome. Better than before, probably because I had a hardcore Crossfit workout that morning and I had missed it so dang much! I ate every last bite. #beast

4.) Do at least one unassisted pull-up at Crossfit DGA (before July 31.)

When I transfer schools in the Fall, I am also transferring Crossfit boxes. If everything works out as planned, I will have one last week at Crossfit DGA here at home during the last week of July. Hopefully, I will have that pull-up perfected!

5.) Run a 5k.

Whether it’s signing up for a road race or running it on my own, I hope to knock out 3 miles! It’s amazing how much Crossfit has increased my cardio endurance and I am able to knock out a little over a mile and a half with no problem. Did I mention, cardio is my weakness?! Even when I am in tip-top shape, I struggle with cardio.

6.) Make S’mores! 

These are Martha Stewart’s S’mores cookies. Mmmmm

7.) Make this Peach Lemon Pound Cake. 

Possibly for my peach-lovin’ daddio… Father’s Day is ten days away!

8.) Make these easy painted bottles for my new room! 

9.) Frame a dollar store full-length mirror like this one. 

10.) Pack a picnic! 

Like a real picnic. In a cute basket and eaten under the sun on top of a blanket. Maybe I can even bring the s’mores cookies!

…. and just for fun- check out my friend’s, Maddie, little ham. Born on Friday, June 1!

peace and summer-y love. xoxoxox. Mindy

What’s on your summer bucket list?


13 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List.

  1. Hey hey! I love your blog! And I love that you put P in it! We should figure out some times when we can hang out, paint furniture etc.. haha I wouldn’t mind kayaking! I am gonna have to get out of the house soon!
    Anyways, see you soon hopefully! LOVE YOU!

    • Hey love… I love yours too! I actually have been in Jesup ever since we left Milledgeville Saturday! Seth’s mom went in for an unexpected knee surgery so I have been playing nurse this week. I will get in touch with you over the next couple of weeks so I can hang out with my two girls. Love ya!

  2. Awesome awesome bucket list. I’m with you on the pullups! I can do underhand ones but I haven’t gotten my first overhand kipping pullup yet. But working on using harder bands for workouts so hopefully it’ll come!

  3. Fun post and great bucket list! One of my goals is to complete an unassisted pull-up too. We can do it!

    The barbecue from Heirloom Market looks like it’s life changing! Yum. And s’mores cookies? Oh, Martha, why do you tempt us so?! 😉

  4. That’s a great bucket list! one of mine is to go canoeing… and I bought a canoe, I just haven’t taken it out yet! haha the kayaking looks fun, even if it was cut short by the rain!

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