Uh oh.

Have you heard about that thing they call Crossfit?

From the first time I read about it, I wanted to know more so I watched video after video. Then one of my favorite bloggers, Tina, from Carrots n Cake joined and I found myself checking her blog daily for her Crossfit updates. Then my older brother joined and fell in love and I was even more intrigued. FINALLY, I gave it my first try tonight.

I may not be saying this tomorrow, but I AM IN LOVE. I had the biggest smile on my face walking out of those doors and I can’t wait to go back. Though it IS a bit pricey, I can go ahead and say that it is well worth it. I am so excited to start my Crossfit journey and of course I will keep you all updated throughout. I highly recommend anyone to check out their area for a Crossfit box.

On another note, these past few weeks have been hectic due to finals, audition week, and moving from Atlanta, so my eats have been all over the place from being semi-healthy to all out indulgent and I just didn’t photograph or document them. After my grocery haul tonight, I have no excuse but to get back on track. So expect to see lots of healthy meals very soon.

p.s. If you are from my hometown and need a workout partner, preferably not at a gym ;-), then don’t hesitate to comment, e-mail, Facebook message, or call me and I would love to sweat with you!

p.p.s. I have my own website now! I purchased my own domain this afternoon and thankfully no longer have that pesky (wordpress.com) behind my blog’s name. Also, expect to see somewhat of a make-over in the near future. I am working with a buddy on making my blog easier to navigate with new tabs and pages and hopefully a new layout!

xo. Mindy



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