scenes n things.


1. last week’s lunch {a fried egg with smashed avocado on toast and a side o’ coconut oil roasted asparagus.

2. iced coffee drank after a saturday morning workout.

3. her so pretty.

4. baby brother’s prom. {his date, older sis, bro, and me.]

5. about the only thing i can afford at Urban Outfitters.

6. friday morning breakfast date. our new tradition. {egg white veggie omelet with home fries and fresh fruit.}

7. homemade taco salad made by seth. taste better than any restaurant’s taco salad!

I am two finals away from summer break. I am most sad about not having fitness classes offered in the summer! But way excited for some sun and fun. (…. and getting a much needed side job!!)

What have you been up too lately?

xo. Mindy


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