Not a Sun day

Baseball season has officially started in Atlanta. The first home game opener was on Friday and Seth and I were dressed in our navy + red ready to cheer on the Atlanta Braves. It was hot when we got there and chilly when we left. Got to love Georgia weather.

Unfortunately, Seth caught a cold this weekend so he’s been sleeping.all. day today. When he gets sick, it makes me feel like I’m sick. It’s no fun!

Yesterday, my besets, Leah, from Milledgeville came to visit. We ate salads at my apartment, shopped at Urban Outfitters (she did, I tried on clothes for the fun of it) ate frozen yogurt, and finished the night off with Chipotle burrito bowls. Saturday was my second day in a row eating there and I was thisclose to going there for lunch today but I changed my mind at the last minute. Anyway- I love when she comes to see me!

Other than doing a horrible job at playing nurse today, not a lot has been happening over here. I made a trip to Target; my new best friend. Some days I go in there for specific things and other days I go for fun. This morning, I got some nail polish, bananas, and milk. You know, the essentials. I also had a delicious lunch at Uncle Maddio’s; a greek salad with grilled chicken and hard-boiled eggs.You may remember when I ate there before in this post.

Photos from the weekend:

1.) Turner Field. 17th row baby!

2.) Seth + Mindy. I am a lucky girl.

3.) Spinach + Romaine with grilled chicken, sliced strawberries, chunks of goat cheese, and chopped pecans. The Trader Joe’s feta dressing stole the show.

4.) My breakfast this entire week: 2% Fage greek yogurt with banana, strawberries and Trader Joe’s tempting trail mix. OH! Can’t forget the crunchy peanut butter.


3 thoughts on “Not a Sun day

  1. What a fun weekend! I also LOVE going to Target but there isn’t one that is really near me so whenever I go to my parents house I make sure to stop by there 🙂

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