The Goods

I always love to see and hear about what other people eat and what they have stored in their fridge. I decided to do a post on what I typically buy at the grocery store. I bought most of it today on my weekly grocery trip, but some items were pulled from the pantry or fridge from past trips. All of my vegetables and fruits aren’t organic and most of the meat I buy isn’t always grass-fed, but I suppose they are far healthier than a number 2 at Mickey D’s.

I ❤ fruit! I normally let fruit serve as my snack (apple + PB or 2 clementines) or top it on my oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast. I like stuffing peanut butter into the SunMaid pitted dates for pre-workout fuel.

Organic gala apples. cuties (clementines). strawberries. blueberries. pitted dates.

Eat ya veggies! From salad toppings, sandwich add-ins, scrambled with eggs, chili, pasta bakes, a dipper for hummus.

Broccoli slaw (made into skinny cole slaw with light mayo and greek yogurt) broccoli florets. romaine lettuce mix. baby carrots. red onion. sweet onion. lemon. limes. sweet taters. roma tomato. fresh rosemary.

Grains! The number one thing I look for when buying grains and breads are the first ingredient reading 100% whole-wheat flour, oat flour, rice flour, or a healthier alternative to enriched bleach flour (stay away from whites!) The Food for life brand is great as it is sprouted-grain bread and  baked with crunchy seeds.

Old-fashioned oatmeal. Keen wah (quinoa). thomas light english muffins. food for life genesis bread. multi-grain tortillas. 

Dairy and protein. I always buy low-fat dairy and lean meats. Greek yogurt (plain) can serve as a substitution for mayonnaise, sour cream, and sometimes butter in baked goods. I use almond milk in my oatmeal because it is lower in fat than cow’s milk. All of the cheese I buy is always made with 2% milk (should say so on the front label) When I was in high school my mom would buy the Horizon Organic low-fat milk cartons and I buy them when they are on sale. The chocolate flavor is great after a intense workout!

Ground turkey is leaner than ground beef and taste awesome in chili, spaghetti, or pasta bakes. I wouldn’t normally buy the strawberry cream cheese or full-fat bacon but this week has a special day coming soon!♥♥♥

Almond breeze almond milk. 0% vanilla chobani. 2% shredded sharp cheddar. 2% pepperjack slices. low-fat cottage cheese. strawberry cream cheese. eggs. 1% horizon chocolate milk.

Beans, beans they’re good for your ♥, the more you eat them, the more you….. 🙂

dry black beans and red northern beans. canned black beans. tomato sauce. garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) I use the dry beans for chili, and the canned beans for salad toppings, wrapped in a tortilla, or scrambled with eggs.

Other items. Most of the boxed and processed foods are buy are the healthier versions of popular foods. Hence the 100 calorie buttered popcorn and the rice and wasa multi-grain crackers.


Special K protein plus cereal (2 g of sugar!!). nut harvest roasted almonds. organic crunchy peanut butter.

There you have it! My shopping cart. I unintentionally left out sugar and spices and baking items but they’re your typical items you would generally buy and use [aka Kroger brand ;-)]


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