Enough? Nope.

Last week, I was all about avocado. This week I am all about strawberries. I impulsively bought a pint at the end of last week. I try to buy only  seasonal fruits and vegetables but these particular berries were staring back at me hardcore and I couldn’t resist! Strawberries are probably my favorite fruit, and fruit is my favorite food. No really, once I asked for a fruit bouquet instead of a cake and/or flowers on my birthday.

I made baked oatmeal this weekend to last me Monday-Thursday, and to switch it up from my overnight oatmeal. I will share the recipe soon- it is very delicious! I store the baked oatmeal in a container in the fridge, add a splash of (almond) milk in the AM, and microwave it for one minute when I am ready to eat. Almond butter and strawberries, obviously!, have been my toppings. Mmmm!!!

For lunch, I packed a almond butter and jelly (AB&J) sandwich and a side salad. The star was the side salad as I added fresh broccoli slaw, cottage cheese, and chopped strawberries. Note to self: chopped strawberries and cottage cheese on top of salad is guh-reat. I meant to add a few pistachios on top of the salad but I ate them earlier to fuel me through my cuss word of an Anatomy exam.

Strawberry eats from the weekend:

Sunday brunch Cinnamon Raisin french toast (made with a bagel thin), REAL bacon, and fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries, clementines, gala apple, lemon juice)

Mock Egg Mcmuffin (with jelly, please) + strawberries and blueberries.

Can it be summer already? Sheesh.


6 thoughts on “Enough? Nope.

  1. I broke down and bought some out of season blueberries this week. I felt so guilty – but they taste so good! I share a burning hot love for avocado, too 🙂

    • good gosh, i think i eat an avocado everyday. i don’t even put them on anything. once i “open” it i’m so anxious to eat it i just scoop it out with a spoon right then and there. hahaha

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