Stuck On You

These past few weeks I have really been enjoying avocado. So far, I’ve made an avocado smoothie <–Please try!, made into guacamole to dip,  and paired with eggs on toast.

On Saturday night, my friend Leah (love her) and I shared a grilled chicken skillet at Tin Lizzy’s. Rice, lettuce, queso, tomato and other mexican fixins’ came with it and I, of course, asked for guacamole on the side. Apparently I couldn’t get the skillet off of my mind so Sunday night I (cough Seth) made a wanna-be Tin Lizzy meal in the cast-iron skillet Santa brought me. Guacamole was spread all over and dipped into before, during, and after the delicious meal! Obviously I hated it (see picture below.)

To continue on with my avocado obsession, I paired avocado slices with a vegetable egg white scramble for breakfast this morning. A lightly toasted multi-grain english muffin for my side. Light butter spread on one slice and sugar-free blackberry preserves on the other slice. A few hours later it was time for more ‘cado!

For the first Monday, I got to enjoy lunch at my own place today. Usually I pack my lunch Monday through Thursday to eat in between classes and work-outs. I wanted to make my lunch sandwich extra delicious today. In efforts to use up the last bit of the avocado I used for breakfast, I quickly made a easy guacamole for lunch. Red onion+ garlic+ sliced cherry tomatoes+ lime juice were the add-ins. Afterwards, I topped the spread onto a slice of sprouted grain toast (Ezekiel brand) with cheddar cheese.

Green pepper, sliced tomato,red onion, red pepper hummus, feta cheese, cheddar, guacamole spread, S&P on sprouted grain toast.

Substituting avocado for oil and butter in baked goods is becoming popular. I hope to try both of the recipes linked below sooner than later. Click here for a delicious sounding avocado oatmeal cookie recipe via The Daily Crumb and here for a avocado banana bread recipe! Now go get ya avo’ or ‘cado or avocado on.


4 thoughts on “Stuck On You

    • I freeze everything! 🙂 I’ve never had avocado chocolate pudding but it sounds amazing! Craving some right now and I haven’t even tried it, it must be good.

      Mindy Lord (

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