Rollin’ with It

The punches that is.

On the way to school this morning, I noticed a few wet spots on my pants from where my bookbag was sitting in my lap. I figured it was from where my bookbag was placed down on the ground while I was waiting on the MARTA (Atlanta’s rail and bus system) and I thought nothing else of it.

After arriving to class twenty minutes late, I reached into my bookbag for my notebook to copy down my notes for the class. At the bottom of the notebook, there was a very dark and damp liquid stain. I immediately knew what it was and quickly zipped up my bag.

Doing what any 1990’s baby, now 21st century young adult would do, I unlocked my handy-dandy iPhone to write type the notes I needed. Sometimes, you just gotta go with it.


An hour and fifteen minutes later, class ended and I found the nearest restroom to clean out the bottom of my bookbag. I always pack my lunch the night before I have class and put it in my bookbag. Apparently, the black beans and tomatillo salsa from my left-0ver salad I had from Willy’s thought it was a good idea to party in my bookbag. A black bean soaked bookbag, half of a delicious salad and a notebook in the garbage later my lunch is looking like a jar of peanut butter and an apple. Sometimes, you just got to roll with it.


I managed to find lunch in the coffee shop at my school’s library and ordered the Meditteranean Veggie Deluxe (spring mix, hummus, green and red pepper, olives, cucumber, and basil.) The apple and peanut butter jar? I attempted to slice the apple with a plastic knife and dip the pieces into a big fat jar. People around me must think I’m a crazy food blogger. Oh wait. Sometimes….. you just gotta roll with it.


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