Back to school, back to school

to prove to Daddy (and myself, future clients and employers) I’m not a fool.

I’m always running late. With classes starting earlier this semester than my usual schedule, I have to be prepared for the next day the night before. I pack a lunch, work-out clothes and shower things(if I choose to shower after my work-out or fitness class.) Since I plan my schedule around the fitness classes I take (because I love them so much) I always allow myself enough time in between classes to squeeze in my work-out, rest time, and a quick lunch.

Last night, on 3 sticky-pads I wrote down “quick n’ healthy” breakfast and lunch items for the weekdays. One of my breakfast options was egg whites+ avocado on toast.

Toppings included: Mozzarella cheese and cracked black pepper. Twas’ very delicious and I have a feeling this combination will be repeated over and over again. Kept me full for so long! <– very important

Clementine on the side! For those of you returning to school and/or work, hope everything goes smoothly and it is a great day!

P.S. I hope to do a post very soon on “quick n’ healthy” breakfast and lunch option for you busy-bees.


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