The End

The time has come. Time for a new year. The end of the past twelve months, and the beginning of a new set of twelve months. The time where gym owners become really busy, and fast food restaurants are suddenly empty.

In 2011, I…

Showed appreciation and love to my family like never before.

Somehow got the cutest and most understanding boyfriend with an even bigger heart.

Made life-long friends.

Crafted my heart out.

Went to a 3-day music festival. No shower. Slept in a tent. 90 degree weather. Nuff’ said.

Went to 3 Atlanta Falcons football games. Danced at half-time at one and watched my sister in the other 2.

Went to the ACC Football Championship game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Went to 6 states. That’s a lot for this small-town girl.

Moved to the biggest city in Georgia.

Declared a major and fell in love.

Realized grades weren’t a joke and made more A’s in college than I did my 4 years of high school combined.

Had alot of “firsts”. From eating, school, work, life and everything around and in-between.

Understood my health was important and a diet of alcohol and french fries won’t be my friend a few decades from now.

Faced some trials that made me understand it was time to be a big girl.

Roasted a butternut squash. Made a homemade pizza. Made homemade donuts. Tried a green smoothie. Ate vegetable after vegetable. Discovered hummus. Discovered SunButter.

Wrote a blog.

2012, I’m ready for ya.


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