Something about A Southern Girl

“.. make me feel right” Oh that voice, Amos. (Click link for a great song! I was in the audience)

If you didn’t know, you know now that I am from the South. I grew up on a dirt road with a field in front of my house. My dad’s family owns a meat packaging company. Bar-b-que and macaroni and cheese were consumed quite often.

The vinegary taste of my grandpa’s homemade BBQ sandwiched between a folded piece of Captain John Derst white (really, yellow) bread has always been one of my favorites. Mmm mm good. It wasn’t until I started getting older that I ventured out to different types and kinds of foods. I mean it’s the cool thing to do being a small town  girl that once considered Zaxby’s the best restaurant in town. Since living in Atlanta, I really look forward to eating at different restaurants and I always check out the menu online beforehand. First, to see how nutritionally beneficial it is. If it is not, but seems to be a pretty tasty place, I will go for it. I may or may not try anything once.

Not even a mile from my boyfriend’s house, there is a bbq joint- Heirloom Market BBQ. It is cady-cornered from the street so if you don’t miss it while driving by, you are doing good. My first impression was, “Um, it’s attached to a convenient store.” After much menu reviewing, Facebooking, and Yelping I realized Heirloom Market is the place to be <– according to the reviews. According to this southern girl’s taste buds, it really is the place to be. Connected to a convenient store and all.

I usually opt for the Spicy Korean sandwich with Korean sweet potatoes and cucumber radish salad as my sides. Today, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with Korean sweet potatoes and cucumber radish salad. I really, really, really believe they have the best macaroni and cheese in the world, so I always suggest (butreallyforce) my boy to order the mac-n-chz so I can steal a few bites.

 If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend stopping by(and giving me a call). There are bar stools around the perimeter of the very small place, and a dinner table right dab in the middle just like your grandma’s. The only difference is grandma doesn’t charge you for that sweet tea refill.


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